Why don’t Israelis Design for Firefox?

I love Firefox. I loved it before version 2.0, and now I love it even more. With its shiny new interface, amazing tabbed features, and fabulous plugins, why would anyone use Internet Explorer anymore? And for anyone who cares about web standards, Firefox is it.

But for some reason Israelis don’t have a clue about Firefox – both designers and users. Too many Israeli web sites break apart in Firefox, or tell you that certain content can only be viewed with IE. I know that the huge majority of web users use IE, but a designer’s job is to take everyone into account. And it’s not like Firefox has ignored the Israeli community – there is a complete Hebrew version of the browser which can be easily downloaded from the site.

If so many Israeli sites don’t work in Firefox, how can I expect Israelis to use it? Luckily there is a great plug in called IE Tab, which allows the user to choose to view certain sites in a tab that renders the site just as IE would. This is very useful, and has enabled me to mostly stay away from IE.

So come on – why don’t you try Firefox out? You’ll be amazed at how quickly it opens, and you can’t beat the tabbed browsing and snazzy add-ons/plugins!

  • Ari

    That’s a good question. I’ve also noticed that israeli websites are more likely to be IE only. One possible explanation is that Israelis are grateful for the tech jobs provided by Microsoft. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see very few PC’s with AMD chips

  • Ari, that’s an interesting take on the Israeli devotion to Internet Explorer. I also think that maybe Microsoft has such a strong hold in Israel that people either aren’t aware that there are other options out there, or they’re aware but figure that no one can beat Microsoft for features and Hebrew compatibility. Whatever the case, I hope we’ll start to see a change in the realm of Israeli web design.

  • Ari

    How about trying Maxthon? I use both Maxthon and Firefox. Maxthon uses the IE engine so everything looks and feels like IE except that you dont get the ads and garbage you get from IE. It also has a lot of cool features. If it works on IE it will work on Maxthon. In fact after installing Maxthon all my favorites and URL history from IE was already installed. I wouldnt be surprised if many Israelis use Maxthon.

  • Ari,

    I never heard of Maxthon, but it definitely looks interesting. I think I may try it out and post a review over here. But it will have to be pretty amazing to replace Firefox in my books!