I have been accepted to the Middle East Entrepreneur Training program!

Towards the end of September, I discovered a US State Dept.-sponsored training program for Middle East entrepreneurs that was accepting Israeli Arabs, but not Israeli Jews. The program, called Middle East Entrepreneur Training (MEET), had a number of tracks for application, and made it clear that they were particularly interested in female applicants. After verifying  Continue »

Middle East Entrepreneur Training program discrimination: update

A little over a week ago, I discovered “The Middle East Entrepreneur Training (MEET),” a US State Dept.-backed program geared towards strengthening leadership and entrepreneurial skills among residents of the Middle East…except Israeli Jews! I quickly contacted as many people as I could about this blatant discrimination, including reporting this on a mailing list for  Continue »

US State Department backing program that discriminates against Jewish Israeli entrepreneurs

Update: A few interesting things have happened since I wrote this article. 1. The Beyster Institute has taken down all the pages I have linked to here. But they can’t beat Google! If you want to see them, simply paste the URL in your Google search box, and on the results page, click on “Cached”  Continue »