Two new features on illuminea blog

We have added two new features on illuminea blog. One is meant to improve your experience on the web, and the other will hopefully not hinder your experience, but will limit the amount of spam we receive through the blog. Subscribe to comments: Now you can easily follow the strings of comments related to posts  Continue »

Lesson from 2006 – Marketing Diversity

Ben Yoskovitz at Instigator Blog initiated a Group Writing Project where people can share any lessons they learned over the course of 2006. So here’s my lesson from this year: diversifying your marketing strategy can benefit your business, and it is possible to do this on a shoestring budget. Diversity is good People generally agree  Continue »

Tidbits: Bibi and I had lunch together today

I hold a lot of business meetings at a certain café on Emek Refaim. This particular café is great because it has wireless Internet, great food, friendly service, and ambience. And to top it all off, they have the Tav Chevrati, which is a kind of social certification indicating that, among other things, their workers  Continue »

Why don’t Israelis Design for Firefox?

I love Firefox. I loved it before version 2.0, and now I love it even more. With its shiny new interface, amazing tabbed features, and fabulous plugins, why would anyone use Internet Explorer anymore? And for anyone who cares about web standards, Firefox is it. But for some reason Israelis don’t have a clue about  Continue »

How Blogging Can Harm You

The blogosphere is full of examples of how blogs can help you professionally. However, if you are not careful with your blogging habits, you may find that your blog can also harm you. Recently someone contacted me through my website with the following message (details changed to protect the innocent): “Your Google ad showed up  Continue »

What is RSS and how do I use it?

You’ve heard about RSS, you’ve seen the little RSS icons, and yet it still remains a mystery. What does it do? What does it mean? Can’t I live without it? RSS is actually really simple (it actually stands for Really Simple Syndication, so I guess it lives up to its name), but for some reason  Continue »

Create Now, Think Later

For months I had thought about redoing my site, and adding a blog. But I have a weakness, which is also a strength I guess in certain ways, when it comes to learning new things. Before beginning any kind of new project, I research the subject to death and only then begin the work. The  Continue »

Alright, alright – you’ve convinced us, and we’re blogging

About a month ago I really discovered the value of blogs. Until that point, I had assumed that blogs were places where people could record their random thoughts and enjoy the ability to publicly express themselves. Blogging had become so easy, that anyone could do it, and therefore I had concluded that blog quality must  Continue »

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