Two ways to make sure people see your Facebook Page posts despite latest feed algorithm update

Facebook updated their news feed algorithm at the beginning of December, with the stated goal of pushing higher quality news stories into people’s feeds: “We’ve noticed that people enjoy seeing articles on Facebook, and so we’re now paying closer attention to what makes for high quality content, and how often articles are clicked on from  Continue »

See updates that a Facebook Page is trying to hide

Have you ever posted a status update on the Facebook Page of a company in order to complain about something, only to find that your post has been removed by the page admin? It can be very upsetting. You can’t help but feel that your freedom of expression is being limited, and that the company  Continue »

Facebook App brings back the beloved “Suggest Page to Friends” feature

A while ago, we wrote how to add a “Suggest to friends” tab to your Facebook Page. And then Facebook removed that feature so that only Page admins had the ability to suggest pages to their friends, presumably to boost advertising sales by encouraging page owners to pay for “likes”. However, there is an app  Continue »

Men more easily influenced on Facebook and other online marketing news from June 2012

In May’s webinar, we learned that women are more “social” online, but now, in June we learned that even if women are more active on social networks, it’s men that are more influential and more influenced. A Business Week study showed that when women recommended something on Facebook, men were one and half times more likely to bite the  Continue »

illuminea launches event to share trends about facebook, Pinterest, Google, and more

Do you ever feel like you’re gonna burst with useful information?  I don’t. But I know someone who does. Every day, Miriam Schwab, the Friendly CEO of illuminea, reads tons and tons of news related to online marketing, and wanted a way to share it with all 5,000 of her closest online friends. So, we decided  Continue »

Are you letting all of facebook look over your shoulder as you read?

One of the latest types of apps that have emerged on Facebook are social news readers. These apps automatically post to your Facebook friends everything you read on the related news site. So for example, if you have installed the Washington Post Social Reader Facebook app, EVERYTHING you read on the Washington Post can appear in  Continue »

Facebook Ads can’t estimate reach for Pages with Hebrew or Arabic in the title

Someone recently asked a question on the Digital Eve Israel mailing list about a problem they were having with a facebook ad they were trying to create. When creating a facebook ad, you can target very specific people according to various parameters including country, age, gender, and “Likes and Interests.” Likes and Interests refers to  Continue »

Why Peter Shankman will hire a “social media expert”

A few days ago, Peter Shankman wrote a post lambasting all “social media experts” as irrelevant and worthy of dying in a fire. So Peter….you don’t like ‘em, eh? But if you read through his post, it seems clear that he actually thinks that social media activity is important, he just doesn’t like the way  Continue »

How to Add a Suggest to Friends Tab on a Facebook Page

Facebook is rolling out some major changes to how Pages work. Some are good, some not. The good changes include the new layout of facebook Pages with the tabs on the left sidebar instead of at the top, and, starting March 11, 2011, the ability to use iframes, HTML, Javascript and CSS without the FBML  Continue »

Why can’t I comment on a photo I’m tagged in on Facebook?!

Ever have that issue on Facebook? You see you’re tagged in a photo and want to join in the happy powwow going on underneath but for some reason you’re not being given the option to comment… Logic might tell you that you should be able to comment on a photo you were tagged in but actually that  Continue »

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