Upcoming Events and Conferences in Israel for December 2008

December 1-2,2008. Ramat Gan, Israel. The World Summit of Cloud Computing IGT Annual Event & Exhibition. This year the IGT Annual event IGT2008 will focus on Cloud Computing, and its impact on the enterprise IT, the next generation data center, SaaS and Utility Computing. Speakers from cloudera, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Forrester, DataLine, Microsoft, Reservoir, NYSE  Continue »

Getting started with blogging and social media

People are always asking for background information on why and how they should blog. While there is great information out there on the web, I thought I’d put together a resource here that I can refer people to when they ask. This post will be updated regularly so keep checking back. Why blog Why Start  Continue »

A quick-start guide to social media marketing

Have you ever wanted to follow what’s being said about a certain topic around the internet? Well, it’s not as hard as you think. Monitoring tools are the primary way to track buzz about a given topic online. For someone conducting an online social media marketing campaign this is especially true. To properly promote something,  Continue »

Free tools for marketing and managing your biz in tough economic times

Yesterday I was privileged to give a presentation at the first Marcshoret conference in Jerusalem for marketing professionals. I wasn’t able to attend the whole event, but from what I could see Paula Stern and her crew at Writepoint did an excellent job putting a high-level, professional event together. You can see the program here  Continue »

Upcoming Events and Conferences in Israel for November 2008

November 3, 2008. Tel Aviv, Israel. Beta Goes Public @ The Barbie. Beta, Israel’s hi-tech rock band, launches its Public Beta tour with a performance at the Barbie club. The performance includes original songs, “upgraded” cover versions of rock hits from the 70s and 80s, and some comedy sketches all based on the Israeli hi-tech  Continue »

Why mobile is the new web, and why you should care

I know that I may be a bit late to the party, but it took the purchase of my new iPod Touch to make me understand that as a person involved in developing for the web, I could no longer ignore the significance of the mobile web. Because mobile really is the new web. The  Continue »

Everything you wanted to know about Paypal and the Israeli Shekel

[If you’re looking for PayPal customer support, the number is 1-809-477-777 and is open 9am to 6pm  Sunday through Thursday.] People are always asking us about Paypal and how it works in Israel with the Shekel. So, I went back to the announcement on the PayPal blog, New PayPal Currencies: Mexican Peso and Israeli Shekel.  Continue »

CNNMoney selects Lehman Brothers as great employer for new grads. Oops.

CNN Money maintains a section of their site for displaying 20 Great Employers for New Grads. Their first pick: Lehman Brothers. Oops. I think new grads are going to have to look elsewhere to find great employers. I think a lot of people may have to look elsewhere to find great employers. Of course this  Continue »

List of Digital Eve Israel bloggers published by JobMob

Digital Eve is a global organization for business women, with about 20 branches around the world. Most of the branches are in the US and Canada, and only three are international: Japan, the UK, and…you guessed it: Israel. The Israeli chapter of Digital Eve consists of a very active and professional email list with about  Continue »

Upcoming Jerusalem networking event with Jeff Pulver: social media marketing for non-profits

I’ve been working on a new venture aimed at helping non-profits develop their knowledge and skills in the social media field. My partner in this venture, Lisa Barkan from Digital Shtick (www.digitalshtick.com), has extensive marketing experience in the non-profit world. The venture, called amuta 2.0 (http://amuta20.com), will be launching on August 31 in Jerusalem with  Continue »

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